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  • Amplify’s first video BLOG!

    Greetings from our San Jose office. We’re pleased to share with you our very first VLOG. In this video our own Kevin Yang discusses our reasons for constructing an IEC Acoustic Baffle as well as the practical constraints we needed to overcome in order to get it built.

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  • Creating an IEC-268 Baffle – Part 1

    Introduction Measurements on loudspeakers are made by various sorts of individuals and for a variety of reasons. At Amplify Labs, we conduct loudspeaker measurements for a variety of purposes. Our measurements range from assessing T/S parameters at the component level to evaluating complete speaker enclosures, ensuring they meet the published specifications. We also perform in-situ…

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  • We Turned a Bank Vault into an Audio Lab 👀 – Part 2 

    In our last post, we broke down why having a quiet space where we could make a lot of noise was important in our line of work. Here we’ll talk more about specific requirements for the vault, how we got there, and what we use the space for today + some cool pictures 🙂 Requirements…

Amplify Labs is a product design firm headquartered in San Jose, CA. We work on a wide range of consumer electronics, medical, and industrial products and support clients in a number of engineering disciplines including acoustics, audio/EE, digital signal processing, embedded software, and overall systems architecture.

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